Twitter: @RyanMannion7

Ryan, aka Eternal 316, originally hails from Los Angeles, California. He grew up loving the 90s Westcoast Hip Hop from Tupac to Snoop and Dr Dre. As his love for music grew and he started creating his own, he intertwined his faith into his music. Now he’s releasing Christian Hip Hop music. His rhymes are deep and are sending a message. Regardless of the message sent, you have to respect a man for standing up for what he believes and expressing that through his music. Especially in a music scene that can be so watered down these days.

After a successful first album release in ‘Victory’, Eternal 316 has now released the follow up album ‘Satans Doom’. As the title suggests… this album has some pretty intense subject matter throughout. It can seem dark at times, but through the darkness shines the light. It’s not over produced, so the rhymes and messaging stands out strong. Check it out below via YouTube.

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