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Out of Massachusetts, Tragically Magic released his new rap single ‘Time’. Chad Kinnear, aka Tragically Magic, has overcome a lot over the years, and music is a big part of what pulled him through tough times. It’s always great hearing about the seemingly magical healing powers that music can possess. But not only has music had a positive impact on Chad’s life, he’s working hard now to bring that positive impact to others with every track (over 100!) Tragically Magic drops.

The latest release from Tragically Magic is ‘Time’. There’s also a music video with this release, which you can check out below. Seeing as Chad cheated death multiple times, I’m sure the concept of time means a lot to him and is a precious thing. There are a lot deep and thought provoking rhymes throughout this song that any of us can relate to. Tragically Magic has a rhythmic, yet hard hitting way of delivering his lyrics, which really help the message through his music to hit home. Listen below and be sure to add his tracks to your playlists if ya like what you hear (we did!). Plus, stay tuned for our interview with Tragically Magic soon!

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