The very successful international singer and songwriter Clayton Saunders released another new track. This latest release, ‘Mama Thank You’, was fittingly released back on Mothers Day. It’s a beautiful, loving tribute to his mother, but also is for all the other mothers around the world, passed and present. The award winning 50 year career for Clayton is already very impressive, and yet, he’s got so many years left and many more songs for us to enjoy.

This latest release, ‘Mama Thank You’, is a sentimental track that we can all relate to. Our mother’s do so much for us over the years, and this is a nice track to share with your mother to make her day and say thank you. The song is about the unconditional love that mothers give to their children and all they do for us as we grow. The lyrics take you through a touching life long relationship between mother and child. As we’ve come to expect with Clayton, the song is brilliantly written and the sound is very rich. Listen to it below and please share with your loved mother.

MuzicNotez Crew