Website: www.RichChambers.com
Instagram: @santasrockinband
Twitter: @RichChambers5

The latest release by Rich Chambers is the new single ‘Sorry Isn’t Good Enough’. Rich is an artist out of Vancouver, Canada. He started playing guitar at 10, and writing songs at 14 already. He’s crossed genres and has influences from various decades of rock musicians. Rich has released 5 full albums to this point, including the very successful ‘Santas Rockin’ Album’ in 2020. But now, we have a new song to enjoy.

Rich Chambers new track ‘Sorry Isn’t Good Enough’ is a track we can all relate to at one point or another. It’s a song about the regret we feel after a relationship ends and for the things we’ve said. “While writing the song, I really wanted to touch into that extreme remorse that comes with a love lost, or should I say sabotaged, because of our own actions,” in Rich’s own words. Not only is this a very relatable concept as is, but Rich went above and beyond to make sure we can all relate. He generalized some of the story so we can kind of fill in the gaps with our own situations, also he crossed various genres to create a catchy sound many will love. His sound marries classic rock with new age, creating a sound all his own. Listen below and be sure to share and follow!

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