The last time we wrote about Winchester 7 & the Runners was the album ‘The Forgotten World‘. Now, the unique one man band project released the new album entitled ‘Argos Holiday’. This album has 9 original tracks, well 7, plus 2 bonus tracks actually. As always, Winchester 7 is the man behind everything. Singing every lyric, playing every note, producing the whole project from top to bottom.

This new album ‘Argos Holiday’, is filled with electric riffs, distorted guitars and even though this is a one man band project…. really excellent harmonies! A lot of positive vibes and easy to rock along with melodies. There’s a real retro indie feel to the album. A marriage between classic and new age rock. The greatest example of this is the first bonus track, a cover of the classic David Bowie track ‘Modern Love’. But this cover is a completely original take on it. Perfectly fusing the old and new once again.

Below, is also a music video for one of the tracks on this album entitled ‘The Golden Age’. Be sure to also save as many of these tracks on your Spotify playlists and give some follows to the social pages.

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