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New soulful EP ‘Change The World’ by P Bailey out now! The soulful singer is originally from the UK, now resides in Montreal, Canada. He was inspired at an early age by the R&B legends of Motown. With no formal training, it’s these legends that molded his voice and writing style. Paul has built up quite the career and resume in music up to now, working with artists like Rick James, receiving awards and releasing chart topping tracks.

The new EP ‘Change The World’ is a fitting release for the turbulent times. The title track touches on social issues such as police brutality and preaches to stop the madness, calling for us to come together and how “Love Not Hate, Will Change The World”. On that, we could not agree more. Music often feeds on the times and makes an effort to bring about positive changes in mankind. P Bailey is doing his part to contribute to the cause and we’re proud to support him in that. Enjoy the music video for the track ‘Change The World’ below.

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