The legend, a modern deity, a prophecy foretold by ancient civilizations; Esquire Ali. This bountiful lord & Bay Area phenomenon has dropped the latest “movie” off his Critically Acclaimed, top shelf, Banger “1919” Produced by fellow samurai & classically renowned Ca. based Producer & master codebreaker; WorldCoast. “GET LOOSE” is a track you couldn’t pay me not to play twice, three times, four times… You’ll see, the duo had to do it, & surely enough the suave aficionados made it look sexy on the latest video off of one of 2019’s most legendary hip-hop bombs to come from the west. 1919 is truly a work of art, with incredible space-jams that showcases it’s artistic immaculate genesis in an all-too-needed glorious deliverance, with sweet trophy’s like “DRIPPY”, “DOS EQUIS MAN” or “IN A MOVIE.” In the latest installment from our wildly jazzed-up desperados, we find our hero’s just trying to “GET LOOSE” In one of the easiest, most “slappable” tracks you can throw on your speakers. The kind of heat displayed on tracks by Esquire Ali & WorldCoast gives my car extra mileage, & your car can go a little faster too. My speakers have been blessed, enlighten your loved ones with this funky blessing on repeat. Throw your shades on & Watch these California Avengers latest music video for “1919” on youtube, & be sure to grab your copy of 1919 wherever you get your hot music from.

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Dez White, follow him on Twitter & Instagram

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