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Upon hearing the very first note of Mutlu’s album Good Trouble, an instant picture shot into my head of a fervid R&B singer stumbling into a Roaring Twenties blues club, only to proceed to completely flatten the audience with his impassioned singing. A sashey lyrical flow grants the perfect delivery as he praises the allure of life. Mutlu’s music has a certain, unplaceable charm, like a comforting old memory that resurfaces with a fresh shine to it. The song “Work for It” sets the foot tapping and the head bobbing with it’s energetic beat; conversely, “Scarred” features Mutlu singing in a gentle purr as he lightly pours his voice over tranquil guitar picking, with the lyrics ringing as particularly truthful and personal. “Not Escapable” has a unique sound driven by ukulele and persistent electric guitar chops. Good Trouble is filled to the brim with soulful music, an album that can be happily listened to as it trickles with a benevolent swagger from Mutlu’s lips to the listeners ears.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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