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The EDM artist and producer from South Africa has dropped his highly anticipated new album ‘Press Play’. Featuring 5 all new unique tracks, the album is a great listen from front to back. Kicking off with the unique Indian chants in the track ‘Vision Quest’, you know you’re in for a ride. Then the album moves on to the title track ‘Press Play’ which builds to a hard hitting drop. Next is ‘The Rush’, which has a steady groove throughout. The fourth track is ‘Funky Phun’, as you would expect this track really lives up to the name. Finally the album closes out with ‘Farsical Aquadic Ceremony’, the most unique title of the album.
The album is totally free to listen to, and just by listening you help support a very talented producer and artist, of whom does everything on his own. Plus, Martin has a very cool cat named Dodge of whom has a kidney disease and needs medication. Listening to this album helps fund the help Dodge needs. Enjoy the album on Spotify below, and be sure to add it to your playlists.

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