The Hill Country Devil (Real name Hayden Karchmer) is a poetical singer/songwriter that breaches the heart with not only brash, forth right lyrics, but a guitar style that will leave the melody pounding in your ears. His poetic words are sung with a power-house voice that transitions from a raspy growl to a subtle coo in an instant, accompanied solo with a folksy, bright ringing guitar. Every song Karchmer performs has raw emotion weeping from it, as his voice and lyrics create a sense of desperate yet time-stalled urgency. Karchmer’s recently released album, Nicotine and China White, has a multitude of soul aching songs, perhaps the most notable of which is “Kerr County Dopesick Blues”. Written about his real-life struggles, Karchmer delivers a heartfelt, miserably honest depiction of the hardened human experience. The giftedly crafted lyrics often go beyond the base meaning, as Karchmer personally sketches for the listener a detailed envisioning of the world through his eyes. Karchmer’s time-stained words and silk-flowing voice give his songs a haunting twist; his performance is truly that of a demonic angle.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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