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Singer-songwriter Karl Sky creates his own blend of amazing folk rock music. Out of Wisconsin, Karl Sky has a classic Americana sound. Hes skilled on both the acoustic and electric guitar, bringing a variety of song styles to the forefront. Years ago, Karl met and became friends with Nashville legend Scotty Turner. The relationship helped inspire Karl’s songwriting throughout the years. Now, the results are some amazingly written songs both in terms of lyrics and musically.
The latest release by Karl Sky is the album ‘Stranger To This Place’. The ten track album is a beautiful journey from front to back. I really love the title track, the melodic guitar picking throughout is on point, the vocals perfectly fused together with every note, creating an overall full well produced sound. Have a listen to the tracks via SoundCloud below to see what your favorite is. The album is available on all major streaming sites such as Amazon and CDBaby.

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