Website: www.FereraSwan.com
Twitter: @fereraswan

Music can be very therapeutic, for the artists creating it, and the fans relating in their own way. There is no truer case than Ferera Swan’s debut single ‘Second Time’. The singer-songwriter out of Austin just dropped the new single. After hearing it, and the back story, I have to assume it was a very therapeutic experience for her. It was only released a few days ago, but fans are already commenting on her Soundcloud page on how much they relate.
The pop ballad is an emotional roller coaster. Inspired by Ferera’s experiences with adoption after meeting her birth mother. Her amazing voice shines through with her passionate vocals. It’s clear to see that Ferera bore her heart and soul when creating ‘Second Time’. This is the debut single from her soon to come EP, which we’re looking forward to. You can check out the track via Soundcloud below, and grab it on all the major sites.

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