Jushay Signature is an upcoming rapper out of the South Side of Chicago. She has been around for some time and she is not going anywhere. When the opportunity to review her latest video, Split arise, I had to for our readers to know who Jushay Signature is and why. Split is a bonus track from her Album I.D.E. available NOW on iTunes. Part 1 of the Split video was uploaded on February 15th, 2018 and shot by 92MEDIA. The video has 1.5K views and counting. The video is overall dope with the visual effects. What is important is the viewer is not distracted by anything else but the artist. The artist is the focus of the video delivering raw bars. The viewers can see Jushay Signature in her element which show her authenticity. Jushay is what she said she is in her video a “superstar.” A superstar knows that they are the realest.
Jushay Signature is someone listeners who truly love real hip-hop should continue to listen out for. Jushay Signature is not just any pretty girl who can rap. She is that girl who can handout punchlines to anyone who is up for the challenge. Did I mention how lyrical she is? Jushay Signature delivers her music with swag that would captivate any audience. If you do not know who Jushay Signature is by now. Then it is time to add another talent to your playlist. You can follow Jushay Signature on all social media platforms.

This review was written by Shanet. Follow her on Twitter @authorShanet
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