“If forever’s just today…”

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New York based singer-songwriter, Sonali, is an upcoming pop artist ready to win you hearts and ears! After Sonali and her classmates — from the well-renowned Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music — went viral with their cover of Rihanna’s song, Diamonds, shining bright was inevitable for all involved.
Diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and forced to take time away to recover, she is back from a 2-year hiatus with a fresh outlook on life and a new sound. Although faced with challenges that required her to step out of the limelight, the experience didn’t leave her without gain. While resting Sonali couldn’t stay away from her passion. So, what’s an artistic soul to do? Dive deep and resurface with treasure — duh!
Sonali’s single, Forever, debuts her newfound sound, stepping away from her pop/folk flair and into pop princess territory. Wanting to capture the feelings and moments of a real-life love, Sonali encapsulated it in ‘Forever’. It’s a reminiscing track that’ll get those butterflies flapping and all that love-goo oozing.
Check out the official lyric video of Sonali’s Forever and be sure to show her some love!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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