Marc Daniels, a name that sounds like a strong drink, has a country rock style that hits just as hard as a double shot of whiskey. Daniels fires off a blazing hot anthem about a particular kind of woman. In his latest single “Redheads”, he captures the listener with smooth lows, strong riffs, & sweet babes. The song plays out like a bar fight but rides out like a cowgirl!
Redheads is a catchy, & dare I say it, inspirational ode to the beauty of red haired ladies for all to behold. A tune you’ll surely be humming next time you see yourself a redhead! Marc Daniels delivers this feel good summertime time jam like Backyard BBQ, a Backyard BBQ you don’t want to miss!
Stay tuned for the official music video release of his new track ‘Summer Song’ on Thursday 8-24-17!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Desmond White
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