Well I’ve never made a music video like this before! Bubbles all around, and a love story…
Does anyone not love bubbles?? Is there anything more fun than bubbles? Do you remember blowing bubbles outside as a kid? Do you remember playing with bubbles during bath time? You could spend hours being playful and carefree without anyone judging you. I thought a song about bubbles would make a great theme since there aren’t many songs with lyrics about bubbles out there. The thought of bubbles even when your day turns for the worse or hits a snag would surely put the smile back on your face, wouldn’t it? The imagery works on this rock song as the tension is released in several key areas both musically and lyrically.
This fun rock song is about something all kids love to play with – bubbles. I was lucky I guess because I grew up in a home filled with love. Sure there were times my parents annoyed or frustrated me but we always had a warm home, food on the table and I could always talk to my parents about anything. I know I was lucky. I had friends in school who never had this luxury to fall back on. Parents can be tough on you but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you! Mine were kinda strict but not over the top but they expected straight As and even one B+ made them unhappy. I thought the charity for this song should be meals on wheels because I grew up in the restaurant business and we never didn’t have a meal to eat. I know others aren’t as fortunate. No one should ever go hungry! – Sarantos
MuzicNotez Crew

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