Mr Metronomo is an experimental band out of Los Angeles. Their music can’t be labeled under one genre, they combine a variety of sounds to create a brand of music all their own. A background of a steady electronic beat, guitars, horns and low key vocals fuse together to create something totally new.
The latest release by Mr Metronomo is the single ‘Meditations’ off of the recently released new album ‘L.A. Metro Experience’. The group features John Perea as the lead singer/Tenor Sax, Sarah Rosenkrantz on Vocals, Rory Mahtews on Guitar (also helped write the album), Isaac Lopez on Bari Sax, Gabe Martin on Trumpet, Nick Kennerly/Bonnie Brooksbank on Violins, Mathew Witmer on Viola and Evgeny Tonkha on the Cello. That’s a pretty big band, which can create a variety of new sounds together.
We’re very excited about this group and the new album. I fully expect a lot of big things to come, which you’ll all be able to check out right here!

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