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I’m known for always looking for brand spanking new music, for brand spanking new artists or bands. I discover new music on a daily basis and it’s usually a dope beat, a screaming guitar riff or powerful vocals that grabs my attention.

With Mila Falls, it was a little bit different. Months ago, someone on Twitter told me I should follow her, check her out. And where the artist’s music usually grabs my attention, it was the profile picture of Mila that did it for me. Because besides the music, the artists also need to have a sparkling personality in my personal and humble opinion. And Mila’s profile pic was oozing just that, personality!

With Mila teasing her upcoming single release lately, it was time to get to know the lady behind the hair bows. So, we grabbed a cup a joe, sat down and had a little chat:

The Dutch Guy (TDG): Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Mila Falls (MF): Yea, sure dude!!! BUT I only got quids not bucks!

TDG: The thing I always ask myself when you post a new pic of yourself, what’s up with you and those Minnie Mouse-like hair bows?

MF: Haha, well I love scarves and hats and wigs and head pieces, ain’t nothing more to it… I don’t have a weird tattoo on my head that I’m hiding or nothing.

TDG: How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

MF: I’m colourful inside and out with a love for all that sparkles.

TDG: You’re currently working on your debut album and not one, but two music videos! When are you gonna drop those on us?

MF: Oooo well the first video is coming later this week (hold on to your seats)… My debut album will follow after, we are currently sorting out the boring business bits! I just wanna tour the world already!!


This was presented by The Dutch Guy

Check in with Mila Falls on:
Twitter: @MilaFalls

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