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Laced Ember is a Country/pop duo made up of two sisters. Their names are Heather and Amy Howes, born and raised in Southern Maryland. Since an early age both girls have always been very passionate about music, and the songs they write and sing reflect true stories about things that have happened in their lives and the lives of those around them. Heather’s grandfather overheard her singing one day while sitting on his front steps, when she was five years old and it became obvious at that point of the talent she possessed in her vocals and she has been singing ever since.
Heather was also one of the finalists for the WMZQ singing contest at the age of thirteen. It was obvious that Amy loved to sing, when she was three years old and began yodeling for her neighbors, and while walking across the stage for the beauty contest she decided to take her place at the front and belt out a surprising rendition of “Twinkle little Star” without any prompting! Amy is the root of the raw emotions reflected in the songs, and is the writer of the majority of Laced Ember’s music. Both girls bring their amazing talents in singing/ songwriting together to form a unique sound all their own.

Follow Laced Ember:

Facebook: Facebook.com/Laced.Ember2
Myspace: Myspace.com/LacedEmberMusic
YouTube: YouTube.com/user/LacedEmber
Reverbnation: Reverbnation.com/LacedEmber
Bandcamp: LacedEmber.Bandcamp.com

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