Hailing from a small town in the region of Galilee, Israel, singer-songwriter Sir. O (aka. Saar Oron) is set for his debut release with the breathtaking EP ‘Someone You’re Thinking Of’.
Written and recorded in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee, alongside producer Yogev Samina of Lool Records, this three-track EP is a product of Sir. O’s dedicated musical career. Having picked up the guitar at the age of 11, Saar was quick to pen his first song only two years later. By the age of 16, Saar had begun building his own home studio to record his songs and was working as a guitar teacher to fund his venture. His commitment shows through on ‘Someone You’re Thinking Of’ and signals Sir. O as an exciting new prospect.
His skills as both a singer and guitarist are highlighted in this work. Notably, Saar’s melodic abilities are strong throughout the EP. The inventive guitar riffs, vocal melodies and lyrics are truly infectious. Lead track ‘Someone You’re Thinking Of’ begins with delicately picked electric guitar, behind a progressive acoustic chord backing. ‘Stay’ takes the tempo down, demonstrating Sir. O’s more emotive side. The chorus forms a crescendo as Saar sings with gusto; ‘it’s all about timing, it’s all about perfect rhyming’. Final song ‘Three Words’ is a classic love song, complete with beautiful harmonies, soulful rhythms and electric guitar riffs. Bringing together influences from Britpop, to rock and fellow singer-songwriters, Sir. O has managed to craft this into his own distinct sound.
Having already played stunning sets around the UK, including standout gigs at Dublin Castle and Nambucca, Sir. O will be supporting this EP release with a number of scheduled London gigs. Check out the links below for further information.
The EP will be released on March 25th.

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