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The Disruptors latest alternative rock single is ‘Off My Meds’. The band was formed back in 2019 by Kenny Weill. He’s the lead vocalist and songwriter. The Disruptors are based in Boston and have a sound that’s hard to label, but ranges between alternative rock, pop and blues. The Disruptors bring a full and unique sound. It’s upbeat, and fun to listen to, even if the lyrics can have some deeper darker meanings.

Now, the song we’re featuring here is the lead track ‘Off My Meds’ from The Disruptors debut album ‘The Virus Sessions’. Kenny Weill teamed up with Brad Young and BKY Studios for the debut album which was released in 2022. They teamed up with some other artists to create the full sound, which came out great! ‘Off My Meds’ has kind of a chaotic sound to it, to match how you might feel when off your meds of course. The percussion in this song is real unique, pretty sure I heard some bongos in there. We love it and hope you do too. Enjoy the song below, and the rest of the album!

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