Soft sentimentality is a welcome sight in music, and Tia McGraff has a complete handle on this strength. A musical story-teller at heart, we’ve always found her art fascinating. With so much attention to detail and lyrical panache, it’s always an enjoyable time, especially if you’re a big fan of more grounded sounding music. So, with the release of her new single, “With Love,” we’ve decided to put it through the full review process to see how it holds up.

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From the beginning of the song, Tia serenades us with her excellent vocal performance. Her voice is loud, clear and commanding, but still comforting and soft. Of course, a great voice is nothing without strong songwriting, and thankfully the “With Love” is strong on that front as well. Tia McGraff really gets to show off her talent and skill with this single.

The songwriting on “With Love” is grounded, pleasant but emotionally resonant. It carries with it emotional weight, but despite that it’s actually a positivity song. While things are mostly kept simple without over-exaggerating details, it works well with the overall tone the song’s going for. It also matches perfectly with Tia McGraff’s voice, as we mentioned earlier. She plays to her strengths on this single, and as a result the song sounds exceptional.

Musically, the song stands up quite well, establishing a pleasant and warm atmosphere. While the song is quite heavy with its message, the instruments give it some levity. While it’s not particularly complex, the simplicity is what elevates the song further and allows the message to take center stage. It’s effective, and it works well.

Production-wise, things are again kept sparse. Because the song’s primarily acoustic, most of it is left relatively untouched, as it should be. There’s not too much to say in this regard but the extra recording clarity afforded on Tia McGraff’s vocals is noted and appreciated. Keeping things grounded and simple benefits a genre like this, and it’s done quite well.

Overall, “With Love” is a solid single, one that any artist would be happy to have put out. With a powerful message and catchy, simple vocals, there’s a lot to enjoy with this one. If you’re a fan of songs that lean towards country while retaining a positive overall vibe, then this one’s for you. Even if you’re not however, we’d still recommend giving it a listen, it’s just a good time overall.

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