Country music as a genre is at its best when it’s down-to-Earth, staying close to its humble roots. Despite what modern country has become, the foundation of the genre was built around stories, happy and sad alike. Being a great country artist is also to be a great storyteller, and Gary Pratt is one of the best.

Gary Pratt is a well known and well renowned name in the country music scene, and for good reason. His songwriting weaves wonderful tales about good times in life that are warm and inviting, and his latest single “Sounds Like Whiskey,” embodies that perfectly. Today, we’re putting the new single through our full review to see whether or not it lives up to expectations.

The single kicks off with wonderfully warm guitar licks, as well as rolling and energetic rock and roll drums. We also find Gary’s vocal delivery here great, as he sings about having a rough day and then hitting the bar to have a drink. It’s a pretty simple concept, but Gary paints a very fun and vivid image of the scene effortlessly.

Of course, the second verse reveals a darker, sadder layer, as Gary reveals he’s lost someone, and hits the whiskey in order to cope with it. Here, whiskey is revealed to be more of a vice, a coping mechanism for the singer, but it’s cleverly masked behind a feel good veneer as Gary sings about how he’s ready to keep drinking until he decides he’s done.

The songwriting and delivery hits perfectly, and the production on the single also works well. It’s a very busy and uproariously loud song, but it slows down just a touch during more serious verses to give the story being told more focus. It then goes straight back into being an uproariously feel good song, like nothing ever happened, and we greatly enjoyed the effect.

In conclusion, “Sounds Like Whiskey,” is a grand summation of all the things that makes Gary Pratt a powerhouse of a country performer. His boundless energy and fascinating writing makes for great songs, ones that country fans will be able to play and enjoy over long periods of time.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, then as a self respecting country and rock and roll fan, you owe it to yourself to give the song a spin. As for us, were pretty happy with this new single, and we can’t wait for what else Gary Pratt is preparing for the future.

MuzicNotez Crew

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