Hip Hop artist DJ Righteous latest release is the album ‘Inherit The Earth’. Chad Green, aka DJ Righteous, is from Virginia, and has grown a decent following for himself there. His brand of hip hop music has influences in funk and dancehall. His beats are steady and lead by the drums. Each track stands alone and is unique. As a skilled beatmaker, he’s built up quite the catalog, and is growing his own record label, Boonbox Records LLC.

Now, the latest release to his expanding discography, is ‘Inherit The Earth’. This features 11 new original tracks. I’ve been listening to it throughout writing up this review, and it’s the perfect background to getting some work done. DJ Righteous really does create some unique sounds. His music grabs your attention and gets your head bobbing, the ultimate sign of a good beat. Listen below via Spotify and be sure to add to your playlists.

MuzicNotez Crew