Scott Brothers Inc. latest release is the hip hop single ‘Recession 2’. Bryhem Scott aka Huddy and Jamill Scott aka Meal Gates make up the Scott Brothers Inc. and they’re from Philadelphia, PA. The group started back in the late 90’s. They have a classic hip hop sound, lead by the rhymes, which aren’t just autotuned, they’re real. Their music has meaning too, bringing light to real issues.

The latest single from the dynamic duo Scott Brothers Inc., ‘Recession 2’, is off of their EP ‘Pioneers Millennials 2. ‘Recession 2’ is the second of 6 original tracks on this EP. The song is deep, speaking on real life issues and struggles. This is one of the best independent rap groups we’ve come across in some time, and they seem to be on the top of their game right now. Check out the latest single and EP via Spotify below.

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