Accompanied by her Love Power The Band, Ananda Xenia releases her latest single I Am Love. This retro stylized piece focuses on themes of inspiration, devotion, and most importantly self-worth. Qualities that seem to be lacking from today’s audiences, the belief in one’s own power and worth can be overlooked by the harshness of the global climate. Ananda Xenia utilizes her powers of positivity to assist in delivering these messages back to those who need them most. Incorporating her nostalgic sixties neo-punk vocal styles while being accompanied with a trippy, progressive rock guitar tone, Ananda borrows heavily from Indian influences of spirituality, musicality, and cultural elements to shape I Am Love into a pop-inspired, alternative rock song that appeals to a vast audience. Coupling these bohemian styles with Latin percussion Ananda is able to revolve her melodies and harmonies with her repeated chorus into a song that offers tension at the outset of each cadence and resolves perfectly into the next phrase. Ananda also incorporates dissonance in her quality of singing. By being slightly off-tune from the music she is able to create this dissonance which helps her fill the entire soundscape. With her superlative vocal styles contrasting he highly talented musical accompaniment, I Am Love breaks expectations of the overall tonality which is popular with western popular music.

I Am Love is a beautiful piece of music. The overwhelming sensations it instills on its listeners are inspiring and wondrous. The overall mix utilizes the effective use of effects in a sparing way which allows the reverb and delay to just fill out the missing frequencies without taking control of the final mix. Ananda Xenia’s vocals are able to be heard clearly over the music, while her alto overtones play out crisp and clear over the upper-frequency range. I believe I Am Love would be a perfect addition to any adult contemporary, middle-of-the-road commercial radio mix, while Urban stations may also be looking at this due to its infectious, and catchy melodic structure. I Am Love can be incorporated into film and television as it has the sensation one would receive watching an inspirational romantic comedy, or a heart-warming coming-of-age piece. As Ananda Xenia and the Love Power, the Band continues to expand their already impressive catalog of music for the body and soul. I Am Love fits well within their overall theme of making music which helps “vibrational healing and celebrating the festival of Life.”

MuzicNotez Crew