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Lady Redneck sheds her cliché country satire for more serious and personal performance in her latest single; After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son. This track follows her other Country tracks which are filled with tongue and cheek perspectives of the Country lifestyle; Don’t Try To Take Our Guns, and I Dented Your Truck. After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son is a passionate piece that centers around the theme of delivering a message of faith, in this case, the Christian faith. Lady redneck strips away the heavy instrumentation of her other country tracks and pushes the vocals ay out in the foreground, the music almost becomes an afterthought, or sutured as more of a simple timekeeper. Lady Redneck utilizes this piece to tell a story, relating this message of enlightenment as her natural soprano vocals reaches high into the frequency range to adapt an almost angelic presence which gives merit to the theme. Although After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son is a very effective piece of music, I feel Lady Redneck is trying to incorporate an almost operatic approach into a country genre. As a result, the vocals become staccato as she tries to hit the basic metronome beat of the country melodies. Her voice becomes limited to the genre as she tries to remain authentic to the stylized key signatures of the genre. After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son would then become an almost perfect piece as an acapella, or utilized in show tunes and theatre.

After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son is a solid offering of the gospel-inspired County genre, making it a perfect choice for any commercial Country radio playlist. Fans of faith-inspired music will be taken aback by the vocal performance and the lyrical integration to the theme. Although, as stated earlier, this song would be better suited licensed to another musical style, it still remains a satisfying and enjoyable piece in its own right. Lady Redneck is proving she can deliver a majestic vocal performance, as the final mix of After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son is very clean and crisp. The upper frequencies of her vocals ring out crisp and clear while the resolution notes are still allowed to permeate the lower registers.

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