Out of Chicago, Patrick Walton, aka Tranquil, is an alternative R&B singer and songwriter. His new single is ‘Just Like Dat’. He’s performed with various R&B groups over the years and has a real gift for flow and rhythm. Making him a perfect R&B singer, songwriter and producer. Over many years in music, Tranquil has developed his own unique style, adding some elements from other genres to his music. Eventually, Tranquil moved to York, PA and joined up with Zyco-path to create the group Paradoxz. Now he releases music with that group and solo.

The new single ‘Just Like Dat’ is a solo release by Tranquil. This song really does paint a picture, that’s for sure. You’ll quickly catch on to what this track is about. The smooth flow and rhythm fit the intimate vibe of this song perfectly. His lyrical expertise is showcased well on this track. Listen to ‘Just Like Dat’ via Spotify below and be sure to add it to your playlists, especially any playlists you may have for setting the mood.

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