Website: www.AvaLemert.com
Twitter: @AvaLemert
Instagram: @AvaLemert

Out of Southern California, Ava Lemert grew up in a family of musicians. With all these strong musical influences, she began her career in music very young and has built a long successful career since then. Ava has learned to play an array of instruments, but she’s most known for her high abilities on the saxophone. Beyond her brilliant instrumental chops, she’s also a very talented singer, songwriter and producer. With all this talent, it’s no wonder that shes known for putting on a very impressive live show. So far, Ava has been considered for 6 GRAMMY awards as a solo artist, she’s released 9 albums, and over 30 singles. All of this as an independent artist, proving how you can get it done and have a lot of success, without a label controlling you.

One of her latest hit award winning singles is entitled ‘Today Is My Day’. This song perfectly encompasses Ava Lemert’s upbeat and positive jazzy vibe. Plus it showcases her beautiful vocals, along with her signature saxophone play. The lyrics she wrote are almost like an anthem for independent artists striving to succeed on their own. Plus it’s a positive, can do spirit, that we can all use injected into our day to day lives. Check out the lyrics video below and listen via the streaming platform of your choice here.

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