Metropolitan Cowboy Michael Coleman and his Pheonix-based music outfit See Your Shadow have been generating excellent music and productions for years now. Solid country music and blending genres have always been in their DNA, and it makes them an exciting outfit to follow. Now, they’ve got a brand new single out in “Simple Special Moment,” so how does it measure up?

“Simple Special Moment” is a song about the singer himself sharing with the listener a special moment in time that he spent with someone. By all accounts, it’s a rather simple and mundane situation where he’s just having breakfast, but See Your Shadow manage to put enough on a spin on it that it develops into a sweet and comforting tune fitting of the band’s pedigree.

The band’s signature acoustic guitars add some spice and flair to the simple tune’s melodies, keeping things upbeat and catchy. It’s some solid country music, especially with a background banjo providing further country flair in the mix. While it may not be the most complex song musically, it certainly is a lot of fun to listen to, and that’s hard to come by these days.

Michael Coleman’s songwriting is also excellent here. His style is very grounded and straightforward, though on “Simple Special Moment” he adds some extra flourishes to his writing style that enhance the comfortable atmosphere he’s going for. A lot of small details in the lines help convey the joy he finds in these smaller moments, and it sells the effect perfectly.

As usual, Michael’s vocal delivery nails the vibe he’s going for, mainly that homely, nostalgic feeling one gets when reminiscing on fond times. He sings with the inflection of someone who is truly in the moment, looking back on what happened and laughing about. It results in a very genuine feeling song, one with a homely feeling that can’t be understated.

The rhythm is quite upbeat, and the production on the song is great as usual. See Your Shadow always deliver when it comes to sound quality, with just the right amount of reverb, echo and clarity that allows their music to hit the right notes. “Simple Special Moment” is a great example of this, sounding clear and clean despite the many different instruments at play.

Once again, See Your Shadow delivers a solid single that’s sure to be a must listen for any fan of country music. The band is on a great path with their output, and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for the future.

MuzicNotez Crew

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