Website: www.RichChambers.com
Instagram: @santasrockinband
Twitter: @RichChambers5

The Vancouver, Canada artist, Rich Chambers has released another new single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’. Rich is a rock artist that writes, performs and produces his own music. His sound crosses various rock genres, marrying retro vibes with a modern rock twist, creating his own sound. In his 20+ year career, he’s released a lot of successful albums and singles. This new release is inspired by his youthful roots but is now created with all his experience coming together.

The new single ‘High School Can’t Last Forever’ was a melody Rich was humming in his head for almost his whole musical career. Finally, when the time was right, he brought the melody to life and created this new high energy rock track for us to enjoy. The song should inspire those still in that cross road period of life to make the best of their high school experience. While for those of us with those years behind us, it’s a reflective song that sparks a lot of reminiscing. The high energy of this song is fitting for the inspirational vibes of high school. Enjoy the music video below and be sure to also add the track to your playlists via Spotify!

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