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MuzicNotez: You’re an artist that we promote as much as anybody, and this is our 3rd interview with you already. What have you been up to in the past few years since our last interview?

  • groovemasta: I’ve been working on a number of different songs, trying out adding some different styles of electronic music to my songs. I have been doing a lot of experimentation and have made a ton of beats and drum loops! In addition to the music, I have been working on the screenplay for a short movie I want to make, as well as the character design of the animated comedy video series about 4 Aliens on Earth!
Twitter @gr00vemasta

MuzicNotez: The pandemic has had an effect on you and changed a lot of your release dates. How have you had to adapt during covid and what music did you create during it?

  • groovemasta: Here in South Africa, it has been tough for all musicians due to the fact that the events industry hasn’t been allowed to operate for over 1 year and a half now! I’ve had to find alternative ways to make money as relying on streaming royalties only is not enough due to how little the streaming companies pay in royalties! My upcoming new album has 8 tracks which were all created at various times during the pandemic which all in turn represent various stages of the pandemic.

MuzicNotez: You just released a new album entitled ‘The Arrival’, what was the motivation behind this record?

  • groovemasta: The album ‘The Arrival’ is a remastered version of my debut Electronic Music Album, I played in bands before that, but it was tough to find committed band members. So, I thought I would try out making electronic music as I could do it on my own. ‘The Arrival’ was pretty much an experiment as I didn’t know much about electronic music creation and production. I wasn’t completely new to electronic music; I did DJ Drum n Bass/Jungle and Rap/Hip Hop music, so I think it was a natural transition in the direction the Music Industry was going.

MuzicNotez: Do you have a favorite track from the album?

  • groovemasta: I always find it a tough choice to make but if I would have to choose a favorite track from the album, it would be ‘Transformation’. Partly because it was a time of transformation of my music career moving into a different direction, but also because it’s just a crazy and fun track!

MuzicNotez: You produce your own music, what was the production process like for this album?

  • groovemasta: Well, the production process for this album was relatively simple as I did not really have equipment for creating electronic music at the time. Experimentation was a big part of the production process! It was new territory and all I had was a basic audio editor, sample and effects pack, so I was playing around with finding samples that work together and chopping/changing the samples with some effects and created some pretty cool songs with the limited tools available to me!

MuzicNotez: What inspires your music?

  • groovemasta: Most of my music is inspired by real life and ‘life events’, whether it’s from a personal perspective or from something happening in the world. It’s always best to keep things real, I find that people can relate to the music and ‘the message’ it carries much easier. Even though the music is instrumental it still carries a message.

MuzicNotez: How do you want others to feel when listening to your music?

  • groovemasta: That’s a good question and I think there is 2 sides to it. People listen to certain music because of how they are feeling, and the music makes them feel a different way. I’ve always said that creating music is a way you can be a part of people’s lives because people listen to music when they are happy, sad, celebrating etc. Music plays a big part of many people’s lives!

MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?

  • groovemasta: My New Album ‘Technology the Death of Freedom’ will be released on the 2nd of October 2021! I’m also going to experiment a little more with different styles of electronic music in my upcoming albums there after! My goal is to start shooting my short movie as soon as possible! So, my Fans have quite a bit to look forward to!

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