The performance troupe Ethos has received a lot of praise for their production of the science fiction musical ‘Pythia Dust’. This project was created and composed by Chad Salvata in Austin, Texas. They have been performing sci-fi fantasy operas in Austin since 1995 and have become very popular. The performance troupe is a group of actors, musicians and visual artists that perform cyber operas, film and puppet operas. Ethos artistic director, Chad Salvata, teamed up with Jo Beth Henderson, Melissa Vogt and Eryn Gettys on vocals for this ‘Pythia Dust’ project. Matthew Patterson performs the percussion while Sergio Samayoa is on guitar and bass. Then Chad himself performs the synths and electronica. Then there’s all the award-winning designers of the sound quality, costumes, set, lighting, choreography and more that bring this whole thing to life, too many to list.

Below you can listen to the full album of this ‘Pythia Dust’ musical on Soundcloud. There are 12 original transcending tracks including the popular single ‘The Temple Of Euphoria’. This critically acclaimed score by Chad Salvata has been around for years now, but the soundtrack album wasn’t released on Soundcloud until last month. The music is out of this world and really paints some spectacular scenes throughout. The whole score takes you on a mystical journey, its erotic, fantastic and romantic. Without even seeing the original productions of this opera you can almost see it in your head with how mystifying the music is.

MuzicNotez Crew