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The Canadian rap artist Tom MacDonald may be controversial to some people, but one thing nobody can deny is that his popularity is something to admire, especially in our indie scene. This is an artist that didn’t want to be silenced or controlled by a label, so he took things into his own hands and look at where he is now, challenging superstars like Eminem for the top spot in charts. Is this something that every independent artist or band can do? No, you need to have talent and be interesting to stand out and rise up. But if you’re a talented artist, you have a strong work ethic, you can make a strong career as a musician without selling your soul to a label. If you have the guts to go your own way and take the road less traveled, you’ll be rewarded, and you’ll have the freedom to say whatever you want without being controlled like a puppet.

Now, this will take a lot of work. Tom MacDonald is releasing quality new videos twice a month it seems. He’s invested in himself to produce quality tracks, videos and has the vision to brand himself. It also helps that he has a seemingly fearless attitude to his craft. He says what’s on his mind and doesn’t let anybody censor him. This is what makes him so controversial, but it’s also what sets him apart from the typical pack. His popularity goes to show that what he’s saying isn’t all that controversial after all. The video released below ‘Fake Woke’ has over 3 million views already within a week of it’s release. He’s got millions of fans throughout his social pages. All of this built up on his own, without a label. Check out the video below ‘No Response’ to get a sort of back story on how he got it done and his thoughts on those attacking him.

The video below ‘Fake Woke’ is #1 on iTunes now, it was independently produced by his girlfriend Nova (an indie artist in her own right) in just one day! ‘Fake Woke’ is Tom MacDonald’s biggest release to date already. A true testament to what an independent artist can accomplish. Oh and stay tuned, because another new video is dropping Friday.

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