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We last told you about John Vento’s track ‘I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You‘. As we’ve said before, this Pittsburgh artist has a wide range. Now, the latest single is the new American folk rock anthem ‘America (The Saints Come Marching Home)’ and it brings a different vibe entirely. John co-wrote this with Frank Ferraro (also John Fox), whom says “The song was written to call out the injustices being committed by the people against its own people, by both the general population and those seated in power. It conjures up the ghosts of our past and holds them in parallel to the hurtful acts being committed today. ‘America’ is not a battle cry for more acts of destruction. It is a simple call for universal peace.”

It’s fitting that this track has such a tribal feel musically, taking it back to our nations’ roots, and enhancing on the feel of the chorus being a bit of a mantra. No matter which side you stand, America appears to be split down the middle and this song is meant to be a call of unity not division. Musicians have always tried to shed a light on social issues, regardless of what it’s for, that’s a peaceful way of protest that we can all agree with. Between the election, the virus, social injustices and everything else, one thing we can all agree on is that we need to find a way to come together. Hopefully, as it’s been in the past, music is one of the strongest forces that can help us find some common ground.

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