R&B singer Kirby Lauren, known simply as Kirby, made her debut with a soulful funky EP, Sis. The Project is the singer’s introduction giving an old school classic soul sound.

Born in Memphis, and raised in Tennessee, Kirby began her career as a songwriter turning her pen and paper into hits. She wrote for well known artists such as, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Rihanna. However, no longer behind the scenes, Kirby moves into the spotlight by releasing Sis. which was dropped on January 31st, 2020.  The project is composed of seven songs, opening up with Leon. In this track, Kirby sings of “Leon”, from falling in love with him to appreciating how he doesn’t give other women the time of day. You can sense a deep love from the lyrics, “And I hope it’s the last time I fall in love,” she sings.

The song, Apple, will have you calling your lover proclaiming how much you, “can’t imagine life,” without their, “magic”. Kirby shows her storytelling skills with the lyrics, “When I’m lyin’ next to you, the stars get jealous of me,”. Throughout the EP, the reoccurring theme of love is shown allowing plenty of songs that can be dedicated to a special someone. Velvet embodies self confidence as Kirby places a high standard on her self-worth, that will have women loving themselves. This song is a slower one, but is powerfully presented over calm beats. Velvet is the song to uplift and reminds you that you are one of a kind. 

Sis. finishes with, Don’t leave your girl, where the singer-songwriter warns the subject not to leave their woman for her. Kirby explains how she doesn’t desire the man because he lies, gets around, and she doesn’t have time for anyone like him. Don’t leave your girl, shows that Kirby isn’t here to be a “side chick” or a homewrecker. 

The project overall is a fresh new EP that doesn’t sound like the current state of r&b, so it is a unique listen. It is packed with love and self love anthems and as you tune in, this EP makes you believe you have traveled back in time with its older classic melody. Sis. is an excellent introduction by the talented singer- songwriter that will have listeners eager for more.

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Erika Jefferson.

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