Smoke Fairies, (Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies) is back with a new album which was released on January 31st, 2020.

The album, Darkness Brings The Wonders Home is a fresh listen of alternative rock. The project has 10 songs that leave the collection just under an hour long at 41 minutes. It begins with the track, One The Wing, giving a beautiful delicate opening. One The Wing, sets the tone of the rest of the album diving listeners in. Smoke Fairies master the art of storytelling within each song. The lyrics of multiple songs are catchy yet still are meaningful.

Raw emotions, life, and one’s personal struggles are a recurring theme throughout DBTWH as shown on Disconnect, where the duo sing of being lost and wanting to detach from the world. Fans will be able to relate to the songs as it relates to issues that most have experienced. In Chocolate Rabbit, the lyrics, “In the middle of the night, my thoughts overtake me,” give a sense of a spiral of thoughts disrupting one’s sanity. Most of the songs have a lighter, calm sound to it. However, for those that enjoy upbeat sounds there is a track for you as well.

On Don’t you want to spiral out control, the pair describe the desire of wanting more or being dissatisfied with how life is currently as they sing, “There must be something more that I’m ready to know,” and continue by mentioning loneliness, and staring into the ceiling at not being able to sleep.

Overall, Smoke Fairies do an excellent job blending their voices together while showing genuineness and authenticity of their personal stories. Darkness Brings The Wonders Home allows listeners to not feel alone while dealing with, “darkness”. This is an album for not only alternative music lovers, but those that enjoy real music that is relatable and deserves a listen!

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Erika Jefferson.

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