Twitter: @HooYooSay
Website: HooYooSay.com

They’re not a band, hooyoosay is a unique musical project put together by a collective of contributors that prefer to remain nameless. It’s all about the music, not about the accolades and credits given to each member. That’s something you don’t see every day, putting the ego’s aside and just jamming together to make music that makes people feel good.

The project is out of Belgium, the genre is hard to define as they combine blues, classic rock, retro pop and more to create a unique sound of their own. What they have works, as they’ve been at it for a number of years now. Now, they just released the new EP ‘Strange, Elusive You’. The EP has 5 tracks, including the title track. It’s very well produced and a well thought out release. The music is very upbeat and really lifts your spirits up. Enjoy it via Spotify below, add it to your playlists and pick it up from their website.

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