The Kansas City, Missouri native, Bill Abernathy, has another new Americana track for us to enjoy entitled ‘Whiskey Road’. He recently released the lyric video for the new track which you can enjoy below. The track is off his latest chart topping album ‘Crossing Willow Creek’. The country rock track is another great addition to his extensive list of Americana tracks. Of course, as we’ve come to expect, Bill’s stellar song-writing stills shine through on this new track. Showcasing his storytelling ability through his gift of songwriting, a trademark of Americana.

Bill began song-writing and playing guitar at an early age. However, he took some time off to pursue his career and raise his family. But, the music stayed within him and once the time came, he began writing music again with a vengeance. This has been working out pretty well for him, as he’s been rising to the top of various charts, and winning all kinds of awards.

MuzicNotez Crew