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Clara Joy’s latest ep is an all-too-surreal project that captures the vast wonders of life, an extraordinary gem displaying her artistic stride from a well-angled point of view that embodies the inherent struggle of Modern American life. Clara Joy skillfully conducts a symphony of sorrows; a quaint lullaby for the falling restless. In one of our favorite EP’s of 2019 Clara Joy’s “Far From Here” is an ode to our profoundly strange presence on this planet, a presence accompanied by bittersweet melodies that swim throughout our lives like eerie waves of smoke dissipating wondrously into the thick, heavy fog of existence. “This is Not a False Alarm” begs Clara in one track in a show of courageous awareness and depth, while the dream-like finishing track “Goodbye Spaceship” is a super cool song exemplifying her shear poetic force & wildly powerful message while also showing her catchy, uniquely bold & mellow sound. While the opening piece “Drop Out” is one of the most beautifully vulnerable tracks showcasing not only her raw-talent as an indie solo-artist but also her ability to strike on the chords of crushing or pressing issues that tend to weigh on many of our shoulders. Be sure to grab a copy of Far From Here on Bandcamp, and Follow Clara Joy on your favorite social media. Stream music by Clara wherever you get your magical music from and remember if you get tired you can always Drop Out.

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