Website: www.TheRealChelzzz.com
Twitter: @TheRealChelzzz

Out of South Florida, Chelzzz is a hip hop artist on the rise. Highly motivated and inspired, she is always in the studio recording more music. Actively grinding putting out new original material continually. Adding to her grind, she is continually accompanying her singles with new music videos. Not just lyric videos or quickly shot videos from a phone, but well put together quality shoots and editing go in to these. It’s easy to have a high appreciation for an artist that is doing everything right, truly creating a brand around her passion. This is an artist that needs to be taken seriously.

The music video for ‘Stormin’ was released in late October. Showcasing everything stated above, it’s another high end release. It’s another original track written and recorded by Chelzzz. The hook is catchy and her lyricism is excellent. Check it out below and keep an eye on this artist on the rise!

MuzicNotez Admin