Are you missing the days when music had catchy melodies with vocal harmonies that make you want to dance like nobody is watching, drums that make you head bang like you’re at a metal concert and lyrics that make you sing your heart out to a lover that may not even exist?

Two words. Lipstick Jodi.
Lipstick Jodi is a three piece indie alt-pop band out of Grand Rapids, Michigan fronted by guitarist and lead singer, Karli Morehouse.
Lipstick Jodi is a much needed revival to the indie world of alternative/pop music. Morehouse’s vocals bring a nostalgic side to alt-pop music that has faded over the past ten years. She stands at the front of this band with the same passion and enthusiasm as much-loved Paramore lead, Hayley Williams.
Lipstick Jodi is a refreshing blast with music that reflects mutual vibes from the early 2000’s mixed with modern-day PRIDE. LJ described themselves to the GR|MAG as the “Lesbian Lovechild of St. Vincent and the YEAH YEAH YEAHS.”
Their newest music video was released in July 2018 titled, “Anymore”. It is a mix of pop/alternative rock, packaged with a guitar riff that is synced with lyrics and vocals that will drive you back into the days of wanting to blast music through your big, bulky headphones. I, personally, cannot listen without a big fat smile on my face.
LJ continues to book shows throughout the Midwest. Lipstick Jodi has teamed up with bands Junk Food Junkies and the Accidentals in 2019 for shows at venues such as Bells Eccentric Cafe, The Pyramid Scheme, Founders Brewing and many more. This band brings an unstoppable force with them and creates new waves through for the Pride community.
Visit Lipstick Jodi’s website for upcoming shows – If you’re more into social media, follow them on Instagram or LIKE them on Facebook!

This review was written by Sarah Kenney. Follow Sarah on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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