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Last week a few of us headed to Las Vegas, one of the most exciting nights planned was the Steep Canyon Rangers show we had tickets for at The Brooklyn Bowl. What we didn’t expect, was that the opening act was gonna end up being a highlight of our trip as well!
The All-Togethers are a native Las Vegas band, so I’m sure they were psyched to open at a Vegas venue like The Brooklyn Bowl again, and had to be even more elated to be opening for the Grammy award winning Steep Canyon Rangers. But the nerves didn’t show, as they hit it out of the park.
Not only were their original songs brilliantly written, their musicianship flawless, and vocals spot on, but their on stage chemistry was amazing. Exchanging jokes with each other between tracks, and cracking up the whole crowd. That combination of showmanship and excellent live music spiraled into an all around amazing show. The All-Togethers really set the bar high and revved up the crowd for the headlining Steep Canyon Rangers, of whom, of course, stoop up and delivered an amazing show themselves. They definitely have my vote to join the tour and be their opening act!

I recommend going through their YouTube page (plus other social pages of course) and check out all of their videos. But we decided to feature one of their largest hits ‘Shadowboxing’ here, plus the very creative video for ‘Bricklayer’. One of my favorite things about the Bluegrass genre, is that they’re real musicians and real bands, which typically leads to amazing live shows. Even though technically, The All-Togethers consider themselves “Hillbilly Jazz”, which is cool. Well, the video for ‘Bricklayer’ displays this musicianship first hand as it features a whole room of people playing all kinds of instruments, to create one groovy as hell song. Enjoy, and be sure to catch The All-Togethers live if you ever can, we know we definitely will again.

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