Website: LuxuryEviction.com
Instagram: @dablairb

Blair B wears many hats, plays many instruments, is an illustrator and writer. She is also the artist behind the impossible to label project, Luxy Eviction. On the Facebook page, the genre is described as “Ambient-Electro-Folk-Rock-Cyber-Steampunk-Transgenre-Alt-Assault”, which after nearly a decade of reviewing new music, is a definite first! It’s always great to see new music breaking the norms, which Luxury Eviction has done in spades with the new album ‘Master of None’.
Luxury Eviction’s music is raw and deep, entrenched with thought provoking song writing and emotion striking vocals. The music isn’t overproduced, but was expertly recorded on equipment from legendary studios such as Abbey Road and Capitol Records. You can listen to the 7 track album via Bandcamp, and can grab the CD to have and hold via them as well.
Grab ‘Master of None’ via Bandcamp here »
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