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Just one listen to The North 41’s debut independent release, ‘Dancing & Praying’ is reminiscent to taking a ride in Doc Brown’s Delorean with time coordinates set for any point in the early 80’s. Place any one of The North 41’s brilliant time capsule tracks between the Gap Band and the Dazz Band in any 1983 playlist and the uncanny ease at which the song would fit would make detection near impossible. The North 41’s greatest asset is their ability to blend hypnotic funky grooves with Daryl Hall-esque lyrics seamlessly for a timeless and most enjoyable listening experience. “Everybody Knows (The Woman Way)” is a little over four minutes of unadulterated fun that bounces and grooves harder than anything on Top 40 currently. The album is constructed and crafted so that each song seamlessly melds into the next for a continuous texture of melodic funk that lasts the entire length of this release.

Listen to the full debut album ‘Dancing & Praying’ »

The North 41 can be experienced on their very own website, www.thenorth41.com with tour information and a surprisingly catchy cover of Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman”. ‘Dancing & Praying’ is a must listen and should be a welcome addition to any audiophile’s collection.

NEW album ‘World On Fire’ releasing Sept. 14 – 2018!

This review was written by DB Dale. Follow him on Twitter @TommyTutone5 or his blog at elliottchoices.wordpress.com.
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