“Watch your worries wash away…”

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Based out of Long Island, New York, Nirvana Goberdhan is “just a girl with a ukelele”—her words, not mine. A singer-songwriter, as well as a cover artist of songs from a variety of styles, Goberdhan’s music and her personal touch on her covers have a fresh and uplifting air that just makes you feel good all over.
Her latest original song ‘Washed Away Dreams’ is about her losing patience. She’s still making some adjustments to the song, but the heart of it is there. She’s even taking advice from her fellow listeners, so if you have any input on the song shoot it her way.
Check out Nirvana Goberdhan’s ‘Washed Away Dreams’ below and be sure to scope out her covers!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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