A Wildly addictive & innocent groove from Austinites The Human Circuit, Juxtaposition is a rock steady four minutes of electric indie swing that’ll surely turn into 16 or 24 minutes upon replay. A surefire melody of good vibes reminiscent of the very vibrance & artistic wonder that Austin has to offer.
Juxtaposition is the single off their Third upcoming Album Electric City that surely turn your high fiveless day into a day filled with high fives. The Human Circuit plays like a well orchestrated psychedelic jazz powerhouse, a delightfully rhythmic circus that’ll have you dancing in the ocean, in a car, or even folding laundry.
The Human Circuit’s video for Juxtaposition is an artfully crafted revisiting of the creative grace we endogenously have as children, that inner “new to everything” joyous perspective, we’re all in need of reconnecting with.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Desmond White
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