Kenesha is a UK singer-songwriter from London with an amazing soulful voice that would put any one at ease. The best part about listening to Kenesha, you will get a raw acoustic experience. Just her voice and the instruments blending together.
Kenesha’s latest EP ‘Eyes Wide Open’ released July 2014 is available on her website at kenesha.co.uk as well download on iTunes. The EP ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Special Edition features ‘We Go Up and Down (Acoustic)’ which is about life and going through trials and tribulations and learning how to come out smiling through it all. I Hate The Way (Acoustic), Brown Shoes (Acoustic) and her latest song release Hey I on August 12th, 2016 distributed by Spinnup.
‘Hey I’ is another song about life and discovering who you are. Kenesha repeats “Hey I see you out there somewhere,” which speaks that there is someone that does see who you are. Listeners can view live versions on Youtube of Kenesha’s performance of ‘Hey I’. The single is available on all your favorite music streaming sites for download. Listeners can also experience Kenesha on her Soundcloud page where you will discover another single entitled ‘String Around the Moon’ which was recorded live at the Abbey Tavern.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Shanet
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