In Black Flag’s original 1978 version of “Wasted”, being wasted sounds like something dark and unhinged – which, to be sure, it can be. But for a lot of people, getting wasted means good times and good friends, being silly and letting loose.
The Whining Pussys, out of Orange County, CA, take the basic song and stretch it, air it out, give it the woozy, wonky vibe that feels so good to get wasted to. They count pioneering punk bands like Black Flag as their biggest influences, but here they inhabit a laid-back surf groove. If the hooting of the Brazilian cuica at the end doesn’t make it clear, this isn’t music that wants to be over-thought so much as it wants you to grab a couple buddies, crack a beer, and stumble out to the nearest beach.
Or whatever. It’s summer, baby.
Listen to (and watch the video for!) “Wasted” Below.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Haakon Williams
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