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‘The Get Money Project’ is Robb Nickels latest EP release with five songs. The EP gives listeners a trap feel vibe with an important message. The first song is ‘Stack That Cho’ with backup vocals by Royal Dyne. It’s all about getting your money and continuing to hustle. The radio edit of this song is track 5. The same with track 2 ‘Countin’ Them Zeros’ is all about making your money and remaining focused. The third track ‘Status, Wealth, Respect’ speaks to me the most. It is more laid back and teaches a lesson the importance of saving for wealth. A lot of people spend money without saving. It is important to raise children in learning the importance of discipline. The fourth track ‘I’mma G’ is just that, spoken like a true Boss. The Get Money Project is currently available on ITunes, Spotify, and on his artiste site robbnickels.com.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Shanet
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